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Unsere Materialien

Our Cotton Canvas

Our main material is heavy cotton canvas. The quality of it is connected to the thickness of the yarn, the sort of weave and its density and is measured as weight by square yard (or square meter). Less dense canvases have a single-filled weave. Our cotton duck is double-filled or "Plied Yarn". It creates a tighter weave construction with a smoother texture than single fill cotton ducks, making them stiffer and more durable. We do not use any chemicals to make the canvas extra water repellent. If you want to achieve this effect you could treat it with beeswax.

Our Leather

The leather we use for our Kuala Lumpur model is a vegetable tanned Full-Grain Vachetta leather. Full-Grain leather is the top part of the skin, the most expensive part of the leather that you can buy. The surface is not sanded or buffed. It remains strong and durable, with potential imperfections. This grain is what makes this leather special and gives it a unique character. No hide looks like the other, and it is the most natural form of leather. Over time it will develop a so-called patina that will make it even more unique. Vegetable tanned means that, for the tanning process, only natural tannins from tree bark or other plant materials were used. Regular tanning, on the other hand, uses of chemicals containing chrome salts that can be toxic. Is our leather genuine leather? Of course, but "genuine leather" tells you nothing about it, except that it fulfills the minimum requirements to be called leather. It's more a marketing buzzword than a quality indicator.

Our Hardware

Our hardware is a very durable, corrosion resistant zinc alloy with a coating that gives it a high-quality touch and feels. They come in "antique brass" or "gunmetal" color.