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Unsere Mission und Vision

Inikama aims to be one of the world's most ecologically sustainable, highest-quality, most honest backpack brands. We speak openly about our socially responsible supply chain and our fair prices.

Even though we are still small we do our best not to be limited by that. Every day we try our best with the possibilities we have and prepare the path for our future. We base our decisions on facts rather than opinions and we thoroughly check these before we come up with a solution. Sometimes five minutes spent on Google show that a very tempting approach might not be as good as it sounds and you need to invest much more to get a good alternative.

Things we commit to improve:


While we hope you believe what we are telling you, it is our goal for the future to provide third-party certifications that verify our strict requirements. Currently, we are already performing our own independent lab tests for quality control.

Optimization/Control of our supply chain

With the production and the sale of our products, we have taken the responsibility of everyone involved. We will continue vetting our raw material suppliers and factories for environmental and social standards. While we visited a lot of different factories and we could see with our own eyes what is happening there this is of course only a small moment we see. So regular factory audits would be the way to go.


Minimizing transport routes between suppliers to lower the CO2 footprint of our products is a goal. Our logistics companies for import and distribution are offsetting the CO2.

Optimization of our products

We want to create a complete life cycle assessment of our products and a complete ingredient list. With this, we will know the influence of the product on the environment. Based on this we can compare different types of materials that potentially lower the environmental footprint of the products or have other benefits.

Investing in social and environmental projects

When we know the impact of our products on the environment we can determine how to make up for it. We do not just plant a tree for 0,20 €. Instead, we are taking this seriously and are searching for projects that match our aspirations.

Support Us and Our Products

By buying from us you do not only receive a high-quality product, but you also support us and our ideas. You could even describe it as an idea- and idealism-crowdfunding coming together with nice and stylish bags and backpacks.
Thank you!

Selma & Torben